It was a passion for golf, a passion for design, and a heartbreaking moment for a gifted young female golfer that inspired retired architect Michael Kenny to found the Exact Golf Tool.

Kenny fell in love with golf in his teens while growing up in his home country of Ireland. Throughout his training and career as an architect and many acclaimed projects throughout Ireland and Europe, he continued to play on some of the most prestigious courses around the globe. Upon his retirement, he found himself with more time to dedicate to his favorite game — and he was watching the 2017 ANA Inspiration Championship on TV when a controversial incident caught his designer's eye for innovative solutions.

In the middle of the final round, Lexi Thompson was assessed a four-shot penalty for improperly replacing her ball the day before, an error caught by an eagle-eyed fan watching at home on a high-definition TV. Social media exploded, Thompson went on to lose on the first hole of a playoff, and Michael Kenny realized that a simple invention could have spared Thompson her wrenching defeat — and could improve the game for golfers worldwide, from hobbyists to pros.

And so, the Exact Golf Tool was born from the mind of a talented designer with a lifelong devotion to the game of golf. Michael Kenny is the sole proprietor of Exact Golf Tool and the owner of the Exact Golf Tool patent. In 48 years of golfing, he's experienced every type of ball marker and divot repair tool, making him an expert on the lackings in them and creating a far superior product. He lives in Jupiter, Florida, and still golfs a few times a week.