The "Exact Golf Tool" has been designed with multiple functions, particularly with a divot repair tool and a ball marker function.

The largest golf tool is the "Maxi." This tool has five functions, i.e., ball marker, divot repair, cigar holder, groove cleaner, and club grip holder. Both ends of the maxi tool can be used for repairing divot marks with three prongs at one end, suitable for repairing large divots, and the two prongs at the other end for repairing smaller divots. In addition, the patented semi-circular ball marker at one end is unique as the tool surrounds the ball while lying on the green, thereby ensuring that when the ball is lifted and replaced, the ball is replaced on the "exact" spot, in accordance with the Rules of golf.

The "Mini" golf tool is the smallest tool and is a combined divot repair tool with two prongs for divot repair and a semi-circular ball marker. This tool is preferable when the divot repair is small, and the ball is closer to the hole.

All the golf tools are manufactured from Stainless Steel in the USA